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Deposition Upon Written Questions
A DWQ is usually requested according to Rule 176 and Rule 200 of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure. However, our staff is familiar with the various other rules, including those for Federal cases. Pro-Lit can prepare your Notice of Intent, issue your subpoenas, and create your written deposition. Your records may be requested in admissible or inadmissible format using standard business questions as well as custom language or questions wanted. Pro-Lit verifies every facility to ensure your records are sent to the correct custodian guaranteeing quick delivery from the moment we receive your order.

Pro-Lit uses a HIPAA compliant authorization to obtain records along with a business affidavit to make them admissible in court. We also frequently use authorizations that are approved pursuant to Section 74.052, Civil Practice and Remedies Code. The process of requesting records via Authorization with Affidavit is much faster than requests made with a subpoena and a DWQ.


Pro-Lit runs a skip trace for every citation or subpoena to appear to ensure we collect the most accurate data for a successful execution of service. We provide three initial attempts at service and if necessary, we can discuss whether to continue with additional attempts or have an order for substitute service issued. Pro-Lit will file your Return of Service with the court, provide a file stamped copy or generate a subpoena to appear if desired.


Mobile Notary
If you need a notary to come to your office or home Pro-Lit can handle this request. Pro-lit has several mobile notaries in Travis County and the surrounding areas that are available to notarize documents and can handle filing documents with the clerk’s office.

Online Notary
Pro-Lit was one of the first litigation support companies to utilize Online Notary services, approved for the State of Texas in 2015. Online notary utilizes audio video conferencing between the notary and the witness, captures the signature of the witness, and applies it to the document. The notary then applies his/her signature and stamp electronically. The entire process takes only minutes and has quickly become a client favorite. As this technology develops, Pro-Lit can have the witness complete legal papers in electronic format and send them directly to the notary for their session.

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